Privacy Policy

Foreign Currency Exchange NihonEX will administer our website based on our personal information protection policy

TT sky KK Co., Ltd. Foreign currency Exchange NihonEx recognizes the importance of personal information and the social responsibility of protecting users ' privacy and strives to appropriately manage personal information. We also conduct our website based on our privacy policy.

  • 1. Acquisition of personal information

    Under the consent of the user, we obtain the personal information address, the name, the telephone number, and the email address regardless of the means of injustice.

  • 2. Use of personal information

    We will use the personal information that we have entrusted to you for the purpose of posting below, and we will only obtain your consent if you use personal information other than the purpose set forth below.

    • To send out foreign currency, cash or order items
    • Order Confirmation
    • To respond only to inquiries
  • 3. Proper management of personal information

    We prevent the personal information by implementing measures such as preventing unauthorized access from the outside in order to secure the personal information in the management.

  • 4. Consignment of personal information

    We may entrust personal information or a part to a third party to improve the service.

  • 5. Provision of personal information to third parties

    We will constantly review the rules of personal information management and improve them.

  • 6. Disclosure of personal information

    f there is a request for disclosure of personal information from the person in question, or if there is a mistake in the personal information, we will respond to the original confirmation of the person.


    TTSKY KK Corporation Foreign Currency Exchange NihonEX


    5-56-3 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

    Phone Number:03-6804-6945

    Business hours:10:00~18:00

Foreign Currency Home Delivery Service Flow

Pay for your foreign currency using bank transfer

  • Make the order
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Delivered to your location

If you place the order by 3 PM, we will ship the package within 2 – 3 working days and it will take about 3 days to reach your location. The shipping fee is 400 Yen, but it will be free with an order of 500,000 Yen or more.

Payment upon receipt

  • Make the order
  • Delivered to your location

It will take about 3 days to reach your location. The shipping fee is 700 Yen.