Foreign Currency Exchange NihonEX is well received by our customers. Started from our establishment, we have done more than 100,000 deals! We received a lot of positive feedbacks from customers who used our services.

Reliable transaction record!

Thanks to the customers , we are handling over 8 Billion Yen annually. We have more than 2,000 reviews and media coverages from Arukikata (Japan media) and some local newspapers. We will try our best to provide various reliable services to our customers.

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Although the market rate changes every second, we will fix the exchange rate at the time of your order. So you will know exactly how much foreign currency you will receive! You can apply at the rate you want!

Track delivery status

After shipping the foreign currency with registered mail from our company, the tracking number of your package will be sent to your email. You can check the delivery status with the number.

You can also trade foreign currency at our shop!

We can also come to our company to exchange your foreign money ! Kindly make a reservation by phone : 03-6804-6945 on working hours.

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