We try to deliver the parcel as quick as possible the package to our customers. If you order by 3pm on a business day, we will ship on the same day! You can receive your parcel with ease! We also have various options for delivering foreign currency.

Quick response

After ordering your foreign currency, we will contact you to confirm all the details and start the procedure immediately. Also we try to respond to all individual comments. Our staff will respond to you promptly and politely!

Same day shipping · same day remittance!

If you order or deposit your money by 3 pm we will ship the parcel the same day! For selling foreign money, the shipping procedure will start after the arrival of foreign currency. The process is fast and convenient!

“Express delivery” available!

If you are in hurry, you can choose the express delivery. You can also choose the date and the time when your parcel will be delivered. There are some post office will open until midnight, you can also try to post your parcel.

How to obtain foreign currency in a faster way