It only takes 30 seconds to order online! We accept 24hours order! Application online is easy and fast! You can exchange foreign currency at home, without going to banks or money exchange shops.

Application completed in 30 seconds!

Just enter the necessary information in order to apply and it’s done! Our website shows you the exact amount in Japanese Yen (JPY) using the latest rates. Also, as you register, your information will be saved in our server, so your order will be smoother!

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You can order 24/7!

Currency exchange NihonEX accepts orders for 24 hours! if you order by 3pm during the weekdays, your order will be sent out on the same day you ordered. Feel free to order at any time, late at night or during holiday.

Deliver it to wherever you want!

Deliver Foreign Currency and Japanese Yen directly to customer's designated address!
Bank accounts are unnecessary, and you can get a safe and speedy delivery to your place. Thanks to the registered mail, Foreign Currency and Japanese Yen can be received safely.

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You can immediately compare the rates with other companies!

On our order form, not only our rates, but also other companies' rates will be shown at the same time. you can easily compare our rates to the other options.You do not need to go through all the other companies one by one and check their rates to decide which one is the best.