Foreign Currency Exchange Online FAQ

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If you still have questions, please contact NihonEX Customer Support with Foreign Currency Exchange.

Useful terms

It is a number that indicates your order. After you place your foreign currency exchange order, you will get an automated email to confirm your order. You need this number when you sell us your foreign currency. When you send us your foreign currency, please write down this number.

It is a number that you can use to see the location of your mail when it is in the postal system and see the status. After we send out the order from the post office, we will send you an email with tracking number, so you can check it from our email.

You can get the foreign currency at the post office you requested. You can pick it up whenever as long as the post office that you are picking up is open. You do not have to worry about the delivery time.

*The customer has to pick it up by him/herself with the ID, or if others are picking up, they have to have an official letter that authorizes them to pick up the package.

Please be aware that you will not be informed if the package got to the post office, so please check by yourself with tracking number we send you by email.


If you want us to send it to the post office you desire, please put the name of the city and the post office.

It is a special type of mail for sending cash, and it has a tracking number.

Foreign currency does not count as cash, therefore simple registered mail is recommended.


We use this special mail when the customer wishes to exchange from foreign currency to Japanese yen and requesting to receive the cash by post.

After we send out the cash to the customer, we send an email to inform them about the tracking number, so they can check the status.

It is a market price between two countries when they exchange their currencies. It fluctuates all the time depending on the world economy.

Our rates are shown in Japanese yen for each one unit of foreign currency.

With this method of payment and delivery, when the post officer delivers to your mailing address, you only need to pay by cash on the spot.

You do not need to deposit your money, which is recommended for the customers who have no Japanese bank account or those who use our foreign currency exchange service for the first time.

This is one of the delivery types in post office.

It will record the time we send the orders out, and you can check the status of your order by using the tracking number on the postal service website. Also this requires hand delivery, so it is safe.

If you were not at your mailing address when they deliver, you can request for redelivery with the slip they leave, or pick it up yourself at the post office. When you pick the package up at the post office, please bring your ID with you.