Foreign Currency Exchange Online FAQ

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If you still have questions, please contact NihonEX Customer Support with Foreign Currency Exchange.

Purchase Foreign Currency

The rate would be based on the real time rate you have completed the foreign currency exchange order placement.

For customers who choose bank transfer, there is a chance that the rate would be changed.

If the transferral is later than the payment date stated on order details email, the exchange rate would be updated, which may result in a possible new amount of the payment.


The rate of each foreign currency exchange order would only be changed for once.

If the order is still remain unpaid until the next rate update, please note that the order will be cancelled.


Please refer to the graph below for reference, foreign currency rate might usually change before or after 11 a.m. as indicated.

*for cases of Cash on Delivery, the exchange rate cannot be changed.


*1: The time is based on time of payment transferral confirmation. If the transferral cannot be confirmed before 11 a.m., the rate might possibly change.

*2: If the transferral cannot be confirmed before 3 p.m., parcel will be sent out on the next working day.

*3: For orders during Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the rate would be hold until next working day.

It might not be possible to use the banknotes outside of the issuing countries.

We do not obtain thorough information of those locations, please make sure if it is workable based on your situation.

※Depending on its denomination, issued year, used feeling etc.


When we receive a request for banknotes from you,

We will make every effort to respond it as much as possible.


We would appreciate you understanding that we may not be able to respond your requests.

In order to provide customers with clean banknotes as much as possible,
We have established handling standards and carried out verification.

However, for banknotes in the Asian regions, wrinkles and dirt often stand out,
We may not be able to secure the number of clean banknotes.

Target banknote

・Chinese Yuan(CNY) ・Indonesian Rupiah(IDR)

・Philippine Peso(PHP) ・Vietnamese Dong(VND)

●Difference in cultures and customs
・Put banknotes in pocket directly without using wallet
・In the market money is being used with dirty hands
・Stapling the money when they bundle up them
・Push stamps to prevent counterfeit notes
・Using paper notes as a note(Calculation formulas, etc.)

We have made sure that the 1000HKD banknotes we provide are authentic.

In any case, the HKD1000 banknotes you have received from us are suspected to be fake during the money exchange process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-6804-6945.

We use the evening flight service by post office.

You could trace the parcel with the tracking number once it is posted.

For the foreign currency exchange orders with cash on delivery, delivery fee would be ¥700, while bank transfer is ¥400. For the orders over ¥100,000 with bank transfer, delivery fee is free.

Yet, the processing fee for bank transfer would be beared by customers.

For the procedure please kindly call or email to us.


For foreign currency buying, it is recommended to do it by cash on delivery.

For foreign currency selling, you could use the cash registered mail service provided by Japanese Post Office.

Because we purchase foreign money directly from overseas, we are not able to provide brand new banknotes from bank.

However depending on the stock availability, banknotes with good condition as new banknotes could be provided.

Please mark in the Remarks field if there is the need for it.

Please bank in to below bank account:


Mizuho Bank

Branch: Shinbashi Chuo Branch

Account Type: Normal

Account Number: 051 - 2288324

Account Name: TT SKY KK Corporation

Swift Code: MHCBJPJT

If you are sending to the same mailing address, delivery fee would just be charged for once.

For buying multiple foreign currencies, please place the order with below link.

Buying multiple currencies

There are no limitation on the amount of purchase.

Yet for foreign currency exchange orders over ¥2,000,000, license, passport and identity verification certificate are needed.

Customers will bear the processing fee of bank transfer if any.

Postman will deliver the foreign money at door of your mailing address.

Please pay the total amount of your foreign currency exchange with included delivery fee by cash.

Once you have placed your foreign currency exchange order, please finish the payment by next working day 11 a.m.

The rate might be changed for late payment.

If the order remains unpaid until the second update of the currency rate, the order will be cancelled.