Delivery Days Map (for reference only)

Delivery Days Map (for reference only)
  • The above schedule is only for reference, it is likely to be delayed due to various circumstances of the post office side, bad weather, and traffic conditions.
  • Please be noted that the delivery days are only for reference, it does not promise to arrive as scheduled.
  • If you are in a hurry, please contact 03-6804-6945 .
    We also accept express delivery(+ 500 Yen)
If you want to know the weather and traffic conditions, you can check the following URL.
  • - Tomei Expressway Official website

  • - Weather Forecast

Calculate delivery days from ZIP code

If you are ordering a foreign currency purchase (Japan Yen → Foreign Currency), you can check it from the Japan post office website.
  • - Search for Delivery days

Estimate delivery days base on postcode

How to search Delivery Days

  • On the homepage of the Japan post, enter "150-0001" in the submissions ZIP code.

  • Please enter the postal code of the destination.

  • When you click on "Start Search" to find the number of days to send, the time to delivery is displayed for example : will be arrived in the afternoon.

Foreign Currency Home Delivery Service Flow

Pay for your foreign currency using bank transfer

  • Make the order
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Delivered to your location

If you place the order by 3 PM, we will ship the package within 2 – 3 working days and it will take about 3 days to reach your location. The shipping fee is 400 Yen, but it will be free with an order of 500,000 Yen or more.

Payment upon receipt

  • Make the order
  • Delivered to your location

It will take about 3 days to reach your location. The shipping fee is 700 Yen.