NihonEx Foreign Currency Exchange Online Customer's Voice

If you are concerned about exchanging foreign currency online, you can read some of our customers’ review.

Customer Comments
Updated @2017-12-05
20s Male (Aichi)

I feel safe as the staff explain all the foreign money exchange details to me.

Selling Euro (EUR)
Customer Comments
Updated @2017-12-05
40s Women Aomori

There is no bank near my living place. And the shipping fee of others foreign money exchange store are too high that’s why I chose NihonEX. The Telephone correspondence was quick and helpful.

Customer Comments
Updated @2017-07-03
Korean drama lover housewife

When I was studying foreign currency exchange on the internet, I found NihonEX on the top of the search engine. After comparing to different local foreign money exchange stores in Japan, I found that NihonEX rate is much better. I tried to apply it online, and the foreign money was sent by registered mail that was fast and safe. I was quite worried about exchange money online before; however, thanks to NihonEX, I found the easiest and the most comfortable way to exchange foreign money!

Customer Comments
Updated @2017-06-29

My japanese friend told me that there is a foreign money exchange store called NihonEX where I can exchange my money in the best rate.  After comparing to different foreign currency exchange stores in airport and local discount ticket stores in Japan, I found that my friend is correct! However, I hope that NihonEX can accept coins in the future.

Customer Comments
Updated @2017-05-17
Men 50s (Tokyo)

I was so delighted that the banknotes were new and clean! The service was fast and good too!

Customer Comments
Updated @2017-03-25
63-year-old male (Yamanashi)

I was rejected by others foreign money exchange store before without any reason! I was so glad that NihonEX accept my order! I thought it needed more time to do the money exchange but finally I waited 3 days only!


Customer Comments
Updated @2017-03-21
18 year old male (Tokyo)

As my parents are not good at using internet, I helped them to order the foreign currency in NihonEX website. The staff of NihonEX called and asked me the reason why I needed to exchange so much foreign money because they worried about that I was cheated. After the explanation, they accepted the order. They are so helpful and kind.

Customer Comments
Updated @2017-03-18
42-year-old woman (Hokkaido)

I was so nervous because this was the first time I ordered various foreign currencies at the same time. At first, I couldn't receive a confirmation email so that I called the staff for help. Thanks to their kind help, I found that the email went to the junk mailbox. I thought it would consume more time as I live in Hokkaido but finally I got the money earlier than I expected! I will keep using NihonEX to exchange foreign currency!

Customer Comments
Updated @2017-03-13
Male in 60's (Okinawa Prefecture)

I was so delighted as NihonEX delivered the foreign money to my living place in Okinawa directly.

Customer Comments
Updated @2017-03-12
40s Female (Tokyo)

WOW Thanks so much for English service = D  
I am not good at Japanese, but I was glad that I could speak English. 
The explanation of the exchange was also good.

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Foreign Currency Home Delivery Service Flow

Pay for your foreign currency using bank transfer

  • Make the order
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Delivered to your location

If you place the order by 3 PM, we will ship the package within 2 – 3 working days and it will take about 3 days to reach your location. The shipping fee is 400 Yen, but it will be free with an order of 500,000 Yen or more.

Payment upon receipt

  • Make the order
  • Delivered to your location

It will take about 3 days to reach your location. The shipping fee is 700 Yen.